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If you don't want to take our word for it. Than take thiers. Heres what people are talking about!
CITYSEARCH : #1 Audience pool winner, 4 1/2 stars.
AOL: No  one does Florida barbecue better than this Winter Park pit -- O'Boys Real Smoked Bar-B-Q specializes in pork shoulders, eye rounds, ribs and chicken.
The pork is by far most popular, but the sampler platter-- liberal portions of beef, pork, ribs and a quarter chicken-- will give you a gut Boss Hogg would be proud of! Douse the chicken platter with some of O-Boys' own hot sauce for the best meal on the menu. Beer and wine are available, but the sweet southern iced tea is just as refreshing on a hot Florida day.
Nightly all-you-can-eat specials pack'em in and families will appreciate the kids' menu. Dinner plates are served with your choice of potato, slaw or salad, baked beans and delicious garlic bread. If you're not clutching your full belly on the way out,there's something wrong.
Faiyaz Kara & Terry Ward
ORLANDO WEEKLY : "O'Boys is a local favorite, and rightfully so. Grab a rack and dig in."

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